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David Yon has dedicated The Law Offices of David Yon practice to representing property owners’ rights when they are denied or underpaid their insurance claims. He recognized that insurance companies found ways to delay, undercompensate and deny payments that were rightfully due. These practices are extremely unfair and David decided to fight to maximize property owner’s recovery after losses. In 2007, he founded The Law Offices of David Yon, P.A. to handle insurance claims throughout the State of Florida.

David and his team pay meticulous attention to detail. He uses the finer points of his client’s cases, the intricacies of insurance policies and the subtlety of the law to fight for his clients.


We Demand Maximum Compensation FOR OUR CLIENTS.
Our Past Record of Awarded Damages Stands For Itself






Electrical Damages



Hurricane Irma Damages



Water Damages

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Personalized Case Management

We handle each case personally
because every case is different.

We Know The Details So You Can Rest Assured

We have many years of experience navigating the complex
arena of insurance claim disputes and litigation.

The Law Offices of David Yon helped
a homeowner get a fair settlement.

After hurricane damage, the insurance company
did not want to pay enough for repairs.

The insureds suffered damage to the roof and the interior of their home during
Hurricane Irma. The insureds reported it to their insurance company who sent an
inspector to assess the home and prepared payment for the damages. The insurance
company paid a minimal amount for the roof repair and no payment for the interior
damages to the home.
The insured asked us to analyze their claim

What people are saying

I want to thank you for all
your efforts and I am happy
with the outcome

Preston S.



Mr. Yon you are good man.
Great at what you do. Thank
you for everything.

Lester H.

Broken pipe


Thank you David. Greatly appreciated.
A long battle but good outcome. Thank
you for your service.

Max. B

Water Damage


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